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Almost half of acute trusts are struggling financially

Thirty of the NHS’ 62 Acute Trusts are predicting a deficit at the end of this year according to the NHS Trust Development Authority’s Summer Report.

The report looks at how NHS Trusts have performed in the four months to July 2013 against all standards, including A&E performance, 18 week waits and harm-free care, as well as how Trusts are doing financially.

Findings include:

  • on A&E waits, NHS Trusts have performed well with 95.8 per cent of patients receiving care within four hours of arriving at A&E;
  • on the 18 week waiting standard, the sector has continued to perform well, achieving 90 per cent performance against admitted pathways, 97.1 per cent against non-admitted.
  • on HAIs, both C.difficile and MRSA have improved during the first four months of the year;
  • for the first time since the standard was reported, Mental Health, Acute and Community Trusts achieved higher than the 92 per cent aggregate in delivering harm-free care.

David Flory CBE, Chief Executive of the NHS Trust Development Authority, said: “The NHS Trust sector as a whole has performed very well in delivering the standards set out in the NHS Constitution over the last four months.

“On almost all measures, whether that is delivering on A&E or 18 week waiting times, the sector as a whole is performing well.

“It is clear that while the majority of trusts we oversee have a healthy financial position, there remain issues with a number of NHS Trusts that have seen their income reduce this year.  We continue to work with NHS England and commissioners to identify how we might support organisations to address those issues so that they can continue to provide high quality services for their patients.”