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Carbon and Energy Fund is Announced at IHEEM 2011

The Carbon and Energy Fund, announced at IHEEM 2011, is based on good solid NHS precedents, such as; The NHS Energy & Sustainability Fund, which it follows as closely as it can; The P21 and P21 Plus procurement frameworks that have helped so many projects; and a set of over 20 pilot projects in the NHS, saving over £15m in the last year alone.

The initiative has been well piloted within the NHS, with projects being carried out by numerous facilities, including; Allan Morley’s project at Kingston; Keith Farley’s project at Exeter; and Martyn Jeffries’ large project at the Royal Free, to name but a few.

The pilot projects represent an investment of £106m of private money, largely from the Co-op Bank, and monies from the Department of Health Energy and Sustainability Fund.

To give it its full name, the CEF is the NHS Shared Business Service Carbon and Energy Fund. The name reflects the partnership between the main constituents of the Fund, namely:

· The NHS in the form of a partnership agreement that binds the Fund to the NHS and establishes a number of key rules

· Shared Business Services who lead the framework procurement which the fund uses, and;

· A number of external professional organisations that carry out specific tasks for member NHS Trusts.


Trusts have the choice to use their own funding for projects, contractor funding or the Carbon and Energy Fund. Typical calculations show that the Fund offers the best options for Trusts, with funding repayable over a 15 year (typical) contract life to make it sustainable. There is an initial allocation of £100m available, with match funding of £100m promised going forward.

The next tranche of 10 projects will go into procurement in February 2012, and will be available on a first come – first served basis, based on the date the Trust signs membership of the Fund.

[quote top=Tim Litherland, Head of Estates and Facilities for the North of England & National Chair of HefmA, made the announcement, saying:] I feel that I am standing here on behalf of us all today, and would like to be seen as welcoming the arrival of the Carbon and Energy Fund, which I feel will be a useful tool and option available to us all as we try and deliver on what I could call a “challenging” Estates and Facilities Agenda.[/quote]

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