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Mentoring programme announced

HEFMA has extended its coaching & mentoring workstream with the confirmation of four Mentoring seminars aimed at Band 7 (or prospective Band 7s) and above. 


The seminars are free-to-attend, but those taking advantage of this offer will be required to sign up to the Coaching & Mentoring Register that runs on the HEFMA website. The Register is designed to help those seeking a coach or a mentor to find someone with the required expertise who can help with their professional development.


The interactive half-day programme will include modules: What is mentoring; The mentoring relationship; and Mentoring techniques. All sessions follow regional Branch Meetings. Click here for more information, including the timetable, terms and conditions, and to book your place.


"I'm really glad that HEFMA is focusing on mentoring and coaching," said Fiona Daly, Estates & Facilities Workforce Lead at NHS Improvement, speaking at the National Leadership Forum in May. She added that mentors and coaches are in demand and this will be a focus for NHS Improvement as well in the coming months, which may see them wanting to work with HEFMA's register of coaches and mentors.