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Collaboration promises positive outcomes for NHS

Two new collaborations aimed at delivering benefits including reduced cost and improved efficiency to NHS hospitals have been announced by GV Health. Logistics operator, Bunzl Catering Services will supply hospitals with an extensive range of GV Health products including clinical and non clinical waste bags, spillage kits and environmental hygiene solutions including wipes and disinfectants. Outsourced food, catering and soft FM services supplier, Compass-Medirest, has awarded GV Health ‘Nominated Supplier’ status.

The agreements cover over 30 mainly NHS acute hospitals throughout the UK where food and catering services are fulfilled by Compass-Medirest. The multi-year agreements have an initial value of over £1 million. The three partners expect to see this grow significantly as further opportunities for collaboration are identified at more hospital sites and in other service areas where Bunzl and Compass Medirest are providing logistics and support services.

Compass Medirest, one of the world’s largest caterers and suppliers of outsourced FM services, was seeking ways to provide its NHS clients with lower prices gained through its huge international purchasing power while still maintaining ‘tailored’ services. As part of this streamlining process the company reduced the number of its suppliers by over 80%, selecting only a small number of market leaders to become ‘Nominated Suppliers’. GV Health is the first company to attain this status, while Bunzl became Compass Medirest’s logistics partner.
The consolidation of logistics and supply means hospitals will benefit from significant savings, efficiency improvements and access to a bigger range of top quality products. Bunzl has huge experience in providing ‘one-stop’ supply across a range of business sectors including healthcare. As part of the new agreement, hospitals will be provided with a new online ordering system to increase product availability, improve forward planning and minimise restocking delays.

GV Health’s complete range of specialist products will now be used in a much greater number of hospitals. In addition the company is inputting in-depth know-how and high level technical support to assist Compass-Medirest and the hospitals in areas such as environmental compliance and hygiene. GV Health’s expertise in environmental issues relating to waste management, landfill use reduction and public hygiene standards enables hospitals to reduce emissions and waste, and to comply with commitments on carbon reduction.

Commenting on the agreement, Catherine Pegna, Managing Director of GV Health says: “This agreement harnesses together three companies that are each leaders in their respective fields in a way which gets the best out of each to the benefit of customers. The combination offers a truly enhanced level of service which will continue to improve over time as the full synergies of the partnership are achieved.

“This innovative partnership is a four-way win. With Compass Medirest providing world-leading tailored FM services, Bunzl providing industry leading one-stop logistics and GV Health delivering the quality of product, manufacturing, technical support and development required by Compass Medirest and Bunzl, the real winners are the 30+ NHS hospitals.”