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Delayed Transfer of Care stats show improving picture

Both the NHS and social care sectors have seen reductions in the volume of delayed transfers of care (DTOC) in the last year.


The latest figures from the Government Statistical Service show there were 139,200 total delayed days in May 2018, of which 92,200 were in acute care. This is a decrease from May 2017 when there were 178,200 total delayed days, 117,100 of which were in acute care.


The 139,200 total delayed days in May 2018 equates to 4,490 daily DTOC beds, compared with 4,833 in April 2018 and 5,749 in May 2017.


The biggest reason for NHS delays in May 2018 was patients awaiting further non-acute NHS care, which accounted for 28% of all NHS delays. Over the last few months this percentage has remained very stable.