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DH unveils plans to combat antimicrobial resistance

Public Health England (PHE) has welcomed the launch of the Department of Health (DH)’s UK five-year Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy which follows the Chief Medical Officer’s call earlier this year for urgent action at a national and international level to slow down and stem the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

The new strategy focuses on seven key areas for action, and PHE will be responsible for leading the implementation of four areas across the human health and social care sector: improving infection prevention and control practices to reduce the number of infections in patients; optimising prescribing practice; improving professional education, training and public engagement; and enabling better access to and use of surveillance data.

Professor Anthony Kessel, Director of Public Health Strategy at PHE, said: “Although we cannot eliminate antibiotic resistance we can improve our antibiotic stewardship and infection prevention and control practices, as well as developing better diagnostic tests so that infections are treated with the most appropriate antibiotic.”