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EFM Leadership & Development held up as NHSI awaits data returns

HEFMA’s Leadership & Development programme, which focuses on the development of Estates & Facilities professionals, is being held up by lack of data. 


This programme will make a positive contribution to the recruitment, retention,  development and succession planning of E&F staff and HEFMA has made good progress with it so far with the Coaching & Mentoring section of the website. The development of a career route map is one of the next steps we want to take.


To move this project forward at pace, HEFMA would welcome the continued engagement of NHS Improvement, which recognises that this programme has huge potential. 


However, further progress is being hampered because to fully commit to work with HEFMA on this important initiative, NHS Improvement wants to complete and publish its E&F Workforce strategy. This is a necessary step because it will develop the statistics to support the business case and will identify the level of investment that is needed in training budgets so the NHS can collectively lobby for funding.


NHS Improvement issued a call for data earlier this year – the deadline for submitting the data has passed, but around 25% of returns are still outstanding. HEFMA understands the frustration of members that this is one more data request on top of many others – the results of many of which have yet to be shared with Trusts – however, returning this information could be immensely beneficial to the entire profession.


HEFMA will continue to work on its Leadership & Development programme with existing partners. However, we would welcome the full engagement of NHS Improvement as well. Therefore, if you have not yet completed this data collection, please do so to enable this programme to move forward at pace.