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Framework gets reworked

The Department of Health (DH) has announced a “technical refresh” of the Public Health Outcomes Framework, and which was published on Tuesday.

The DH said: “This the fulfillment of the promise to continue improving the range and quality of information in the framework.”

Working with Public Health Observatories, local authorities and the NHS, the DH has now produced an update to: ‘Improving outcomes and supporting transparency’.

“The commitment to produce policy updates setting out more detail on what we want to achieve in a new and reformed public health system was made in ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Update and way forward’.

“Originally published in January, the ‘Public Health Outcomes Framework’ covers a period of three years and sets out the desired outcomes for public health and how these will be measured. It concentrates on increased healthy life expectancy, andreduced differences in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between communities,” it said.

This update, together with the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework, due out on Thursday, and the NHS Outcomes Framework published last week, constitute a structure for measuring improvement across the system and ensuring that the UK meets the health and care challenges we are facing.

How these frameworks will work together to improve health outcomes across the system is set out in ‘Health and Care; the role of the Outcomes Frameworks’, also due out later this week.

Also being published is the first set of baselines on an interactive Public Health Outcomes Framework Data Tool, which will allow local authorities to assess their own outcomes against the various indicators.

The intention is to expand the number of indicators and range of equalities breakdowns that are presented as and when the data becomes available.