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GMB hits out at government as latest NHS stats revealed

GMB, the union for NHS staff, has criticised new NHS figures showing an increase in waiting times, a rise in bed-blocking and a fall in 999 call-outs hitting the eight minute target time. Statistics released by NHS England this month reveal a total of 921,350 people were on a waiting list for a diagnostic procedure in June 2017, up from to 916,948 in May 2017 and 910,308 in June 2016 – a rise of more than 11,000 in a year.

In addition, there were 178,441 delay days recorded on the last day of June, compared to 173,122 in June 2016  - an increase of 3%. The number of delay days due to waiting for a care package in own home increased by 13% over the same period.

Meanwhile the proportion of Red 1 999 calls responded to within eight minutes fell to 68.8% in June, down from 70.5% in May.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary, says: “Month after month we are greeted with terrible new statistics telling us what we already know – our health service is in crisis and close to breaking point.

“Waiting lists are sky-rocketing, bed-blocking is rampant and Ambulance Trusts are so far from hitting their targets Jeremy Hunt is shifting the goalposts.

“When will Theresa May and her bumbling health secretary learn if we want an NHS fit for purpose it has to be funded and staffed properly?
“That means a real terms injection of money and an end to the public sector pay cap - it doesn’t mean selling off the NHS crown jewels for a short term cash boost.

“This crisis has been made in 10 Downing Street and while the public suffer this summer, Theresa May goes off on holiday.”