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Govt invests £250m in cancer treatment

Currently, the NHS sends children and adults for the innovative therapy to the US.

The government has announced a £250m investment in new cutting edge radiotherapy treatment, which could save countless lives in England.

The funding will be used to build two new facilities in Manchester and London to enable Proton Beam Therapy to be performed. The treatment targets tumours more precisely with less damage to surrounding tissues and can improve the quality of life following cancer treatment and reduce side effects, particularly in children.

“We want the NHS to have the best cancer treatments available in the world. By investing in Proton Beam Therapy facilities, we will be able to treat more patients in the UK and reduce the stress placed on families who have had to travel to the United States to receive this innovative treatment,” commented public health minister Anna Soubry.

Ms Soubry added: “This is a huge milestone for the NHS – not only will Proton Beam Therapy help save more lives, it will also ensure that patients experience fewer side-effects and have a better quality of life.”

The treatment will be offered to up to 1,500 cancer patients at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in London from 2018.