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Green PCs for the NHS

Computer manufacturer VeryPC has won approval to supply its locally-made PCs to the NHS and public sector bodies throughout the UK under a new purchasing agreement that emphasises sustainability, The Star reports.

The company being named an approved supplier of green, sustainably sourced IT hardware in a new framework agreement drawn up by the North of England NHS Commercial Procurement Collaborative.

Although aimed at NHS Trusts, the agreement covering IT hardware and associated services can also be used by the majority of public sector bodies across the UK.

VeryPC says research has shown that a typical PC that is between five and seven years old consumes about 115 watts on average – eight times more than one of VeryPC’s BroadLeaf desktop PCs.

That means that replacing 1,000 ageing PCs with new Broadleaf PCs would save an NHS Trust £100,000 during the new PC’s five-year warranty lifetime.