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HefmA Awards 2012 - Winners Announced!

The HefmA Conference 2012 will be remembered as one of innovation and preparation for change within the NHS. The Gala Awards dinner to mark the event gave important recognition to the efforts of Trusts within the organisation, and spirits were high among finalists and award winners alike.

The event was hosted by an upbeat Alan Dewberry, Publisher of the HefmA Pulse Magazine, who cheered on the delegates to dig deep in a raffle aimed at supporting the Salvation Army, which was the nominated charity for the event. The guests raised over £2,500 for the organisation.

Awards aside, the night was marked by delicious food and drink, with superb entertainment from Trevor T, who brought New Orleans to life on the stage, and had guests dancing and celebrating till well within the wee hours of the morning.

Congratulations to all our 2012 winners. The full list is below:


Facilities Manager of the Year

Pam Miller - The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Pam has worked in the NHS for almost 30 years at Trusts in Wales, Bradford and Leeds and has held her current post since 2003. Pam is organised, enthusiastic and determined, with the ability to motivate her team and has led service reconfiguration and implemented significant change in a number of organisations and services. This has involved working closely with staff side colleagues and Clinical Service Managers. A number of these projects have not only improved her own services, but have also been to the benefit of other Trusts. Pam has achieved a great deal over the past 12 months, including reducing waste and improving satisfaction within catering services, which delivered service improvements and cost efficiency savings in excess of £300K, as well as marketing the laundry facility to generate income in excess of £500K pa for the Trust Transport Reconfi gured transport services. Pam is held in high esteem at both local and national level.


Project Manager of the Year

Robert Atkinson - Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Robert has been nominated for his management of the project ‘Enhancing the Healing Environment at Hull Memorial Clinic’, the main objective of which was to provide a welcoming environment for patients visiting the Facility. This also included new referrals to the service for diagnosis, and also existing outpatients who suffer from various forms of dementia. Challenged with the redesign of an existing Day Hospital Entrance and dining room, the brief required the provision of spaces to reduce anxiety, assist in wayfi nding, and increase engagement with clinical staff. As the Works Project Manager, Robert had the challenge of creating a completed project with an initial funding of £40,000 from Kings Fund, and developed a scheme that actually cost £105,000 by being very proactive in fi nding extra funding resources. He participated in fundraising events which raised £12,000 and found further funding support from Humber NHS Foundation Trust. The outcome was a total success and has been adopted by the Kings Fund Organisation as a Benchmark for Good Practice.


Facilities Team of the Year

Birmingham Childrens Hospital

The team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust recognised that there was a need to provide its patients with better hospital food, with less wastage, that complied with a higher standard with NHS and BCH Standards. The solution was to introduce an interactive and visually interesting order system called Maple. Patients are added to a software system on a tablet as they arrive on the ward, and thereafter a nurse can either hand the tablet to the patient for them to make a choice, or place the meal order for them at their bedside. Menu options are displayed in a visual format and any specific dietary requirements can be added and monitored by the nurses. The system also removes the need for nurses to visit the main production kitchen with written orders, thus giving them more time to spend with the patients for clinical care. A truly innovative solution that could revolutionise the way catering is delivered within the NHS.


Training Initiative of the Year

Facilities Team - County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

The FM Team at County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust recognised the need for a customer service training programme that would ensure top level customer service through an engaged workforce. Between April 2010 – March 2011 the Facilities Department received five complaints relating to attitude, which was five too many in their opinion. During April 2011 – March 2012 the Facilities Department didn’t receive any complaints relating to staff attitude, which was a direct result of a highly interactive bespoke training package, which every member of the team is now required to participate in on an annual basis. The training package was developed and delivered by the Facilities Team and continues to focus on the need for staff to have a clear idea of the benefits of providing a great service. By making the training highly interactive, the staff are able to draw and share their individual experiences, which ultimately enriches the learning.


Innovation Award

Going for Gold - Leeds Teaching Hospitals

At Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, the Health & Well Being and Health & Fitness physical activities sit within Estates & Facilities. The team, led by Carol Longbottom, looked at how they could contribute to the well being of staff, increase their fitness levels and during difficult times create a feel good culture that would not only raise staff morale but would have other positive benefits in terms of reducing sickness and improving presenteeism at work. The team set out to put smiles on peoples faces and decided that (a) they had to have smiles on their own faces and (b) they had to fi nd new and innovative ways of doing this to get staff interested. It was felt that if they simply adopted the same old approach the reaction would be the same. The type of activities provided needed to be different, more interesting, appeal to every member of staff, be fun and needed to be varied. The Team used the fact that the 2012 Olympics were being held in Great Britain as a catalyst for a lot of the activities and targeted getting 2012 “new” members of Trust staff involved in physical activity during Olympic year. The Project, called “Going for Gold”, has been recognised by the Olympic games committee and was awarded the “Inspire” mark, which can be used on all marketing materials. Working links were also developed with the Leeds Rhino’s rugby team, who support the Trust’s events wherever possible. Typical events include; Touch Rugby, running, walking, cycling and many more!