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HEFMA forms joint limited company with IHEEM

A closer working relationship between the two professional bodies for the UK healthcare Estates and Facilities Management has been signified by the launch of a new, jointly owned company; HBE Ltd.

The initiative was announced at the Healthcare Estates Conference this week (October 10), in a presentation by Pete Sellars (President of IHEEM), Paul Fenton (former National Chair of HEFMA) and Duncan Sissons, (Regional Director, Monaghans).

HBE is a not for profit organisation that brings together the professional expertise of HEFMA and IHEEM, which, between them, represent every skill set and knowledge base relevant to the operation of healthcare Estates and Facilities.

HBE has the capability to potentially engage in  a number of activities, including providing a resource of technical expertise, guidance, policies and procedures, future planning, training and development. With a broad membership base of EFM professionals across the two organisations, activities will be tailored to the needs of the members. 

"HBE is the definitive Healthcare Estates and Facilities Body of Knowledge," said Paul Fenton, commenting on the initiative. "It will serve the whole health community through the development and adaptation of the healthcare built environment and facilities management services with values that mirror those of the NHS."

With the depth of expert knowledge within HEFMA and IHEEM, supported by existing partnerships with subject matter expert associations (such as the Hospital Caterers Association and the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals) it  should seldom be necessary to look to external sources to deliver technical guidance and advice. Furthermore, these initiatives will be written and provided by EFM professionals who are working within the NHS. They will come with strong ownership and will be accurate, fluid and reflect flexible design solutions. Future planning (of buildings and staff), apprenticeship development, training and succession planning are also key issues.

Collaboration is a very important theme for today's healthcare providers. HEFMA and IHEEM have been working closely together - and with the Department of Health and NHSI - since the publication of Lord Carter's Efficiency and Productivity Report to support their members in delivering the huge change required by this programme. In addition to Carter, the NHS is also trying to deliver on the Five Year Forward View, Sustainability and Transformation Plans, the implementation of PAM as a mandatory requirement and many more. The challenge of transforming the NHS so it is able to meet the healthcare needs of today requires professionals coming together to drive the change.

Summing up from the floor, Julian Amey, Chief Executive of IHEEM, said: "We will look back on this day as a milestone for our industry. We absolutely have to do this."