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HFS appoints Capita Symonds to Phase 4

NHS Scotland’s Health Facilities Scotland (HFS) has appointed Capita Symonds for Phase 4 of the implementation of an estates asset management system, Construction News Portal resports.

Capita Symonds has already completed the first three phases of the programme that has included condition appraisals of over 1.9m square metres of NHS Scotland’s existing land and property assets across the 22 NHS Scotland Health Boards. The fourth phase will help NHS Boards identify gaps in their asset management system and perform appraisal surveys to fill the gaps.

John Connolly, NHS National Services Scotland, told Construction News: “This has been a very successful partnership programme of work with Capita Symonds and 22 disparate health boards. They have helped NHSScotland embed a consistency into their Estate Asset Management and have always displayed an awareness of the clients requirements and worked well with a multi client organisation to help the clients achieve a successful outcome.”