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Hospital caterers focus on innovation and inspiration

Members of the Hospital Caterers Association will meet for their 2012 annual national conference from 26-27 April, where the aim will be to challenge delegates to work together smarter and to help create a better healthcare system that ismodern, dynamic and can react to a changing environment.

With over 300 million meals served every year and around £500m spent on food annually by around 300 NHS Trust across approximately 1200 hospitals, the NHS is the UKcatering industry’s largest provider of meals.

Yet the NHS is facing the biggest cuts since its inception, hospital catering will be subjected to significant financial challenges and extremely tough operating circumstances in the years ahead.

As a consequence, hospital caterers will be expected to ‘work smarter’, do more for less without compromising quality and find ways to work together to ‘feed the future’.

A majordiscussion area for the Conference will be the development and introduction of new criteria for the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Provider Compliance Assessment Tool  – Outcome 5 – Meeting Nutritional Needs.

This is a self assessment tool designed for hospital caterers to monitor their compliance with the essential standards of quality and safety expected by the Government for meeting patients’ nutritional and hydration needs.

Speakers covering this topic will also look at the benefits of achieving Outcome 5 as well as how PEAT Audits will take its requirements into account.

Also on the Conference programme will be a talk by Dr Jocelyn Cornwall from The King’s Fund on the Point of Care Programme, which aims to improve the experiences of staff andpatients in acute hospitals.

Under asession title “Matron Knows Best”, Duncan Barton, Deputy Chief Nurse and Director of Nursing at University College London Hospitals will give delegates an insight into how food services support patient recovery from a Chief Nurse perspective.  He will also emphasise the value of good relationships between nursing and facilities staff.

Would asingle National Menu work for NHS hospitals?  A panel of experts will be exploring the merits of the HCA introducing a National Menu for all NHS hospitals.