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IT solutions may offer answers to more cost-effective healthcare

A new analysis from Frost & Sullivan claims that the healthcare industry can offer more efficient customer care and communication through the use of cloud-based data storage solutions.


The Future of IT in the Healthcare Industry in North America, Latin America, and Europe, finds that integrated delivery network (IDN) providers must continue to invest in IT solutions and infrastructure to meet the needs of delivery practices and information utilisation.

Furthermore, the intense pressure to reduce healthcare costs has affected the state of the healthcare system, leaving an open door of opportunity for the IT industry. Frost & Sullivan predicts a shift towards an outcome-based versus procedure-based focus and reimbursement model.

“By providing use cases and demonstrating ROI, the IT industry can expand the scaled use of mobile and remote technology solutions as part of care delivery and patient/provider workflows,” says Frost & Sullivan Customer Research Director Tonya Fowler. “IT solutions can have a huge impact on the bottom line by enabling shared information across an organisation.”

The traditional paradigm of patient-centric care is gradually giving way to member engagement and empowerment, which in turn has opened up opportunities for healthcare providers in the untapped health and wellness sector.

Meanwhile, device manufacturers seek to retain clients with cutting-edge customer care technologies that generate timely and effective results. The big data trend is pivotal and numerous IT vendors have responded by developing cloud-based solutions for the healthcare industry.

The amount of big data needed to provide better and more cost-effective care is best handled in the cloud. The capacity, flexibility, and pricing models presented by cloud service providers resonate well with the healthcare industry.

“Applications in the cloud that support collaboration as well as anytime, anywhere, and any-device needs are growing quickly,” adds Fowler. “Niche healthcare cloud service providers will emerge as top contenders in the market, followed by cloud computing vendors that design solutions for healthcare.”

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