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Mental Health Awareness Week

NHS England says one in four adults and one in ten children experience mental illness, plus, many more of us know and care for people who suffer. 


May 13-19 is Mental Health Awareness Week. Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, the theme this year is Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies and its relation to mental health.


A Mental Health Foundation survey has found that one in eight (13%) UK adults have experienced suicidal thoughts or feelings because of concerns about their body image.


The online survey of 4,505 UK adults was commissioned to mark the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week. It also found that just over one third of UK adults have felt anxious (34%) or depressed (35%) because of concerns about their body image.


Whilst women – particularly young women – are most affected – the research found this is an issue that concerns men and women across all age groups. The charity is demanding reform in relation to social media and advertising that is linked to worry about body image.