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Monitor warns of infection control failures

Monitor is investigating governance concerns at Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust triggered by multiple target breaches including C. Difficile, MRSA, A&E and referral to treatment (RTT) targets.

The Trust has agreed to take action on infection control and must now work to reduce the number of cases of HCAIs in accordance with new legally binding undertakings, after Monitor found weaknesses in the way the Trust is run. The regulator said it suspects the Trust has breached its licence.

The Trust will implement an action plan to improve infection management and address the governance concerns the regulator has raised.

Robert Davidson, Regional Director at Monitor, said: “Our investigation has highlighted a number of concerns, including how the Trust is run in some areas. Patients at Aintree will expect improvement to be made quickly, and that’s why we’ve secured a set of actions – which the Trust is legally bound to carry out. We will continue to monitor the Trust to ensure it makes the changes it has promised.”