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New Oversight Framework for 2019/20 published

NHS England/NHS Improvement has set out a new approach to oversight that will see the two align their operating models to support system working. 2019/20 will be a transitional year, as the regional teams come together to support local systems.


The Oversight Framework applies to Trusts, Foundation Trusts and CCGs.


Changes to oversight will be characterised by several key principles, including speaking with a single voice, greater emphasis on system performance, working with and through system leaders, matching accountability for results with improvement support and greater autonomy for systems with evidenced capability for collective working and track record of successful delivery of NHS priorities.


NHS Providers has welcomed the publication of the Oversight Framework. Director of Policy and Strategy, Miriam Deakin, says: “We welcome the publication of the new NHS Oversight Framework and the steps NHS England and NHS Improvement are taking to bring together their approaches to reflect the move to system working and priorities in the long term plan.


“Trusts are already working with commissioners and partners in local systems, and have been concerned that the regulatory framework is not keeping pace with developments on the ground. This framework should help to support collaboration and ensure there are consistent messages and approaches from the national bodies. However, much will depend on ways of working and the development of positive relationships, particularly between frontline organisations, system leaders and NHSE/I’s new regional teams.


“It is important that the framework continues to recognise the statutory responsibilities and accountabilities of trust boards and that sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and integrated care systems (ICSs) derive their authority from the individual organisations that comprise them. It will be vital that the next phase of work to further develop the framework for 2020/21 is done with the full involvement of providers and commissioners.”


Click here to download the Oversight Framework document.