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NHS bad press undeserved, says CQC

The Care Quality Commission's (CQC) annual inpatient survey, which covers the experiences ofmore than 64,500 people admitted to NHS hospitals in England in 2012, shows a far more positive picture of the health system than media coverage would suggest, The Guardian reports.

The CQCsurvey reveals that 80% of patients said they were always treated with dignity and respect in hospital, (just 3% said they weren't) and 80% said they always had confidence in the doctors treating them and 76% always had confidence in the nurses treating them (again, with only 3% not having confidence). Nearly all of the patients (90%) said they were given enough privacy when being examined or treated.

When asked to give their overall ratings of their hospital experience on a scale of 0 to 10, 93% rated the experience at or above the average score of 5 and only 7% rated the experience below 5.

The Guardian report points out that while annual changes on the CQC report are relatively small, the 10-year sweep (for 2002-12) shows “substantial and demonstrable improvements across a range of areas that we know are important to patients”.

While the results are not a uniformly positive picture and there are areas marked forimprovement, it does confirm that “poor pockets of care” are being noted and rectified, the daily says.