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NHS Providers calls for more

Following the publication of the latest NHS performance figures, NHS Providers has called for a longer-term solution to funding, more hospital capacity and more support for the workforce. 


Miriam Deakin, Director of Policy and Strategy at NHS Providers says the fact Trusts have not been able to catch up and clear their waiting lists over the summer months “paints a concerning picture ahead of what Trust leaders already know will be a very challenging winter for the health service.”


Compared with July 2018, the statistics reveal:

• 4% increase in A&E attendances (with attendances over the 12-month period up by 3.7%)

• 4.6% increase in emergency admissions (with admissions over the 12-month period up by 5.3%)

• 32.4% increase in patients seen in over four hours

• 32.7% increase in patients waiting more than four hours from decision to admit to admission.


Other statistics include:

• A&E performance against the 4-hour target has been around the current 86.5% for the last three months

• The three key cancer targets – two-week wait, 31-day wait and 62-day wait – are all being missed.


“These figures once again show the highest ever number of people seeking emergency and urgent care since records began,” says Miriam.


“We need a longer-term solution to capital investment to improve key services like cancer diagnostics and treatment. We need to put in place more ambulance, mental health, community and hospital capacity to meet growing demand. We also need to see much more support for the NHS workforce, through resolving the pensions crisis and addressing widespread vacancies.”