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NHS under fire over ‘fat’ letters

The NHS policy of issuing warning letters to parents of children that are perceived to have weight problems has once again come in for criticism. The latest incident, which is being reported in today’s press, involves five-year-old Gracie Hill from Derby whose parents received the correspondence, despite the fact that she ways less than four stone.

The child’s weight of three stone, 12lb falls within the National Child Measurement Programme's guidelines, but her body mass was measured at 92, two points higher than the recommended maximum.

The girl’s mother, Laura, who insists that her daughter eats healthily and exercises regularly, said of the letter: "It opens with the awful statement, 'Your child is overweight for their age and sex'. As health-conscious parents, it made us angry. They could've just told us the measurements and let us judge ourselves."

Only yesterday, five-year-old Bailey Russell, who weighs three stone and 13lb and is also from Derby, hit the headlines after receiving an identical letter.