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Notes for hospital design updated

The government has announced that the Health Building Note 40 – ‘Common activity spaces’ is being republished into three documents that will affect the design of “circulation and communication spaces”.

In a statement accompanying the news, it said: “ Healthcare delivery is constantly changing, and so too are the boundaries between primary, secondary and tertiary care. The focus now is on delivering healthcare closer to people’s homes.

“The Health Building Note framework is based on the patient’s experience across the spectrum of care from home to healthcare setting and back, using the
national service frameworks (NSFs) as a model.”

The newdocument forms Health Building Note 00-04 and covers ‘circulation
and communication spaces’. Circulation spaces provide access within hospital
departments whereas communication spaces provide access between departments and may include main hospital streets.

Notes within the document itself state that the new publication “provides guidance on the design of circulation and communication spaces in hospitals and
other healthcare buildings, including corridors, internal lobbies and stairs, andlifts. It also provides supporting information on doors and handrails”.

The spaces described allow for the movement of ambulant and semi-ambulant people and wheelchair users. Requirements for bed and patient trolley movement are also described.

The guidance is based on ergonomic research, including a study that investigated space requirements for bed movement along corridors and through doors.

More information on the new design notes can be found here