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Patients, staff save £13m in car park fees

The Scottish Government reveals that patients and NHS staff have saved over £13m in hospital car parking charges since they were abolished more than four years ago, the BBC reports.

Parking has been free at most Scottish hospitals since 31 December 2008, but those built under the private finance initiative (PFI) still charge. Health Secretary Alex Neil said he would gladly abolish charging atthese three hospitals but their boards are locked into long-term contracts with operators.

Neil said: "In Scotland, we are sticking by the founding principles of the NHS - we want services that are free for everyone, not out to make profits. That's why I am glad to see that getting rid of hospital car parking charges has saved patients and staff so much money over the last four years. Charging to park at hospital was an unneeded financialburden on families and those needing treatment at a difficult time."