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Private firms can do it right – Skidmore

Hinchingbrooke hospital is the first NHS hospital to be run by a private company and is a beacon for what private firms can do for the Health Service, MP Chris Skidmore has told The Telegraph

Skidmore, who is a Member of the Health Select Committee, says that evidence of “falling waiting lists, higher quality service and greater efficiency should be welcomed by all”.

He says Circle got it right by taking over a hospital with £40m of debt and restored Hinchingbrooke’s finances by making significant savings – through private sector management practices and better procurement.

“Even in accident and emergency - an area where private providers have not historically excelled- Circle have managed to lift Hinchingbrooke’s performance to rank with the best in the country. Hinchingbrooke’s A&E department is now rated the best in the Midlands and East of England,” he says.