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‘Private firms could help NHS’

The NHS should make use of private and third-party services if that results in the delivery of the best care for patients, Jules Preston, the departing head of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust has told The Journal.

The publication’s report says that the former head of Sunderland Trade and Enterprise Council “still strongly believes in the NHS. But he said investment from businesses and charities could be a way forward for the beleaguered service, provided care remains free to patients.”

Preston said that monopolies – like the NHS – don’t usually provide the best delivery of service in any industry, but Britons ”don’t hear about the 99% of great work which is done, only the mistakes.”

Those opposed to Preston’s outlook have said that any form of privatisation signals the beginning of the end for the NHS.

Preston will continue hid role in the Health Service, taking up a new chairmanship at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.