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Proposal to merge Mid-Staffs

A former Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust non-executive director has published an open letter to the Health Secretary and Stafford Hospital’s administrators that proposes a “radical and innovative” solution to resolving issues about the Trust’s scandal-plagued history.

Brian Henderson, who resigned from the Mid Staffs Trust 2005 – has proposed that Stafford Hospital be combined with University Hospitals of North Staffordshire to creating a new healthcare entity for the region.

In his letter, he says: “In reality it is not important whose name is ‘above the door’, but in respect of Stafford Hospital there is a compelling case for some form of amalgamation with UHNS as reflected in the Memorandum of Understanding agreed between the two trusts in July 2012.”

He later adds: “I would suggest that any successful Stafford Hospital/UHNS solution should entail the creation of a new entity with a new name (possibly University Hospitals of Staffordshire), and governed under the strategic guidance of asingle unified board.”

This solution could help “take Stafford from being perceived as a byword for failure to one where it’s actually seen as best-practice in integrated healthcare for the North and Mid Staffs communities,” Henderson told the Staffordshire Newsletter.

"The national press is so negative towards it, everywhere you go you hear about the disaster at Stafford,” he said. “Why can’t we take that to the other end of the scale where it becomes synonymous with best practice?”

The complete text of Henderson’s letter can be read here