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Seminar to focus on fire safety implications of modern building technology

The recently published Hackitt Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety makes recommendations for the prescribed use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems, to assist in ensuring building owners and occupiers are fully aware of the nature and style of construction used and associated safety systems installed. 


The Fire Protection Association, FPA, will host a topical one-day seminar to discuss the fire safety implications of modern building construction technology, on Wednesday 26 September, from 10:00-16:00 at the Fire Service College, Gloucestershire. The event will discuss the benefits of such an approach alongside the steps that can be taken to ensure that during maintenance, repair or refurbishment works, appropriate decision making makes sure standards of safety and resilience are not compromised.


This event will identify some of the methods and materials being commonly utilised in the construction of housing, retail, education, health and warehouse premises. It will address the drivers for choosing one method or material over another - for instance, speed, cost, environmental impact, or something else, and explore the challenges each present, both during the construction phase but more importantly on the safety and resilience of the premises in use from risks. Issues associated with the use of renewable energy to heat and cool such premises will also be explored.   


One of the principal drivers in the use of modern materials and build methods is the need to improve the sustainability and energy performance of premises in meeting government policy objectives. However, there have been some high profile fires involving buildings with ‘outstanding energy performance’ ratings under BREEAM - a sustainability assessment method and certification scheme - and the seminar will consider how sustainability objectives can be effectively married with those for resilience.


Topics will include: 

* An independent overview of the predominant modern materials and methods of construction from Jonathan O’Neill, FPA managing director. He will discuss the fire related pros and cons of each, as well as considerations of fire safety challenges associated with construction and use of modern buildings. Jonathan will further review current legislation, codes of practice and guidance considering its suitability for today’s common build techniques. 


* A generic overview of modern construction methods and materials used on Masonry Aircreate systems, Glulam and cross laminated timber (CLT), Light steel, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Light timber frame, Insulated concrete forms (ICF).


* How are BREEM buildings tackling resilience? Why should we consider these building as non-combustible? Delivered by Debbie Smith, BRE. 


* What’s right for your business? Materials used? True costs?


*Maintenance and management of modern building stock to support safety and resilience.


*An opportunity to have your questions answered via a Q&A session with our expert panel. 


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