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Surrey and Sussex NHS deliver “hammer blow”

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS trust has delivered a “hammer blow” to its Unison members as they reveal plans to charge staff for on-site parking. The move will cause financial hardship for NHS workers according to the Union.

The Trust, which is responsible for Crawley Hospital in West Sussex and East Surrey Hospital in Redhill, has stated that its plans will help to encourage car sharing and more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, in a bid to cut congestion.

According to Unison the parking charges could amount to as much as £295 for each worker per year. Given the current climate it is an additional outlay that will be very unwelcome, especially for staff on the lower end of the pay-scale.


[quote top=The Union stated:] Having to find an extra £295 a year will cause real financial hardship for many staff [/quote] adding that the statement from the NHS had said that the charges would be scaled in accordance with earnings. A final decision is expected to be made by the trust’s board.

Unison are calling for talks with the trust in order to reach an agreement that is “both staff and environmentally friendly”.