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Sussex Trust appoints new chief executive

Paula Head has been appointed the new chief executive at Sussex Community NHS Trust (SCT), it was announced last week.

Paula complements her clinical background as a pharmacist with commercial experience and is currently director of transformation at Frimley Park Hospital. She expects to begin work with SCT by the beginning of April 2013,

In previous board-level positions, first with Kingston Primary Care Trust (PCT) and then with Berkshire East PCT, she led strategy, business planning, contracting and performance. In both roles she managed community engagement programmes leading to the successful implementation of local service change, and served as deputy chief executive.

Head said: “My approach is to create a vision, inspire others to express this in their own terms and then translate this into tangible service and health outcomes.

“I’ll want to build upon our progress at SCT and ensure we achieve our full potential as we work to achieve our goal to become an NHS foundation trust.”

Paula succeeds our previous chief executive Andy Painton, who stood down from therole in October 2012 because of ill-health.