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Trust chairman appeals for fairer funding

North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust chairman Kevin McAleese has called on the government to help clear the Trust’s deficit and ensure that future funding for Trusts is not applied on a one-size-fits-all basis, the Northern Echo reports.

McAleese said funds from neighbouring trusts could be used to clear his Trust’s £19m deficit, noting that some trusts in the region were “at a loss how to spend their surpluses”.

The Echo reported that ahead of a meeting to announce a range of cuts to the county’s NHS services on Tuesday (January 22), he said: “If NHS North Yorkshire and York had enjoyed the funding of every other PCT area but the East Riding in 2012/13 it would not only not have a deficit at all, but have enjoyed a surplus of between £45m and £163m.”

He said that North Yorkshire and York had received £213 less funding per patient than the regional average and MPs had failed to convince the Health Secretary to increase funding for North Yorkshire.

The county’s NHS watchdog welcomed McAleese statement and voiced its support for a “fight for a more equitable distribution of funding on the steps of Downing Street”.