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Veteran Health Outcomes to be improved

A new review into the effectiveness of prosthetics services in the NHS, for those veterans who have lost a limb due to activities while serving their country, has been launched today by the Health Minister Simon Burns.


Service charities have informed the Department of Health that some Armed Forces leavers are concerned that the NHS may not be adequately equipped to provide prosthetic services to veterans to the same standard currently provided by the Defence Medical Service at Headley Court.


Those who have served their country deserve the best possible care from the NHS for the rest of their lives and the Government is committed to making this happen. The review will be lead by Dr Andrew Murrison MP, into the prosthetic services currently offered to veterans by the NHS and assess how these can be strengthened to meet future demands on the service.


The review will gather evidence on the current and future needs of veterans for prosthetics services, and on the provision and cost of services. It will also look at the future funding of high specification, evidence-based prosthetics, services within the NHS and the possible contribution of personal health budgets and the inclusion of these in continuing healthcare arrangements.