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‘Whisk and serve’ a high-protein boost


‘Whisk and serve’ a high-protein boost


In 2015 the Sunday Times reported that up to 28% of people admitted to hospital in the UK are malnourished. In 2017 the charity Parkinson’s UK published a research report whose findings show that loss of taste and smell, are common symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. And for cancer patients a loss, or change, of taste is often a common side effect of chemotherapy.


In June 2018, Bosse Interspice introduced a range of high protein and fulsome flavour soups. Designed specifically for preparation and serving at ward-level, Bosse’s soups are intended to provide patients with a high protein intake with a recognisable taste and smell, and a means by which they can be prepared quickly and easily for serving at meal times.


A principal criterion Bosse applied in the development of its soups was to make sure that they satisfy hospital caterer’s prerequisite for good portion control, minimal wastage and convenience packaging. To meet this criterion Bosse packages and supplies its soups as a powder in 140g sachets as hot water ‘whisk and serve’ ward-level applications.


A secondary criterion was that Bosse’s soups must be convenient, quick and very easy for nursing staff to prepare and serve at ward-level with minimum fuss. To meet this criterion, a member of nursing staff needs only to source hot water, empty the contents of a sachet into a large pouring jug or container, add a litre of hot water, whisk and leave to stand for a minute before serving in given portions.


Bosse’s high-protein, fulsome flavour soups are made with gluten-free natural ingredients and contain no artificial or nature-identical flavours. The range currently offers a choice of popular soup flavours: Vegetable, Potato & Leek, Creamy Tomato, Cream of Chicken, Oxtail and Thai Chicken.


Since June, Bosse has canvassed hospital catering staff for their opinion of its soups and has, to date, received some very encouraging feedback. Initial feedback indicates that caterers are more than satisfied that the 140g sachet format offers excellent portion control and virtually nil wastage. Ward nursing staff particularly have been impressed with how easy Bosse’s soups are to prepare and serve. Patients’ feedback too has been positive, stating that the taste and smell of the Bosse soup corresponds well to the stated flavour.