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WSSK rolls out copper touch surfaces

Regional Specialist Hospital WSSK in Wroclaw is rolling out antimicrobial copper touch surfaces throughout the hospital.

The hospital is among the first healthcare facilities in Poland to install copper touch surfaces as an additional infection control measure.

With over 150 medical doctors, WSSK is a centre for both medical and research activities in many specialities including cardiology, oncology and nephrology. 

Testing of solid antimicrobial copper touch surfaces including door handles, IV poles and light switches, showed significantly lower levels of bacteria than non-copper equivalents.

Surfaces now installed include bed rails, grab rails, shower chairs, toilet flushes and seats and treatment trolleys.

“We want this hospital to be a true healthcare facility of the 21st century, so we’re modernising,” comments Professor Wojciech Witkiewicz, Director of WSSK.

“I can’t imagine us not applying all existing technological achievements to attain this goal, and above all, reducing healthcare-associated infections is paramount,” he adds.