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Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Grading:  - Good

Chesterfield Royal Hospital was built in the 1980s and became a foundation trust in 2005. The hospital serves five local districts with a population of approximately 441,000. There is a small ethnic minority population, with over 96% of the population belonging to a white ethnic group. Life expectancy for both men and women in two districts (Chesterfield and Bolsover) is worse than the England average. In all five districts, the smoking status for mothers at time of delivery is worse than the England average.

The hospital provides 547 inpatient beds, and employs over 3,950 staff. In the year 2015 -16 there were more than 24,735 inpatient admissions, and 409,286 outpatient attendances.

The deprivation in the areas served by the Trust varies considerably with the highest levels of deprivation seen in Bolsover and Chesterfield ranked 58th and 91st most deprived local authorities out of 326, respectively. The three other districts serviced by the Trust have much lower levels of deprivation with East Derbyshire ranked 169th, High Peak ranked 189th and Derbyshire Dales ranked 241st.