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East London NHS Foundation Trust

Grading:  - Outstanding

We have given an overall rating to East London NHS Foundation Trust of outstanding because:

  • We have rated four of the fourteen core services that we inspected as outstanding, nine as good and one as requires improvement.
  • The trust is well led with a visionary board and senior leadership team who have created an open culture that welcomes innovation. There are hard working and enthusiastic staf throughout the organisation who enjoy their work and are committed to improving services. Sitting alongside this are clear systems of assurance that enable the trust to get things right.
  • The trust has invested over the previous two years in a wide scale quality improvement programme. This has been embraced by staf working in the trust. The methodology has successfully encouraged innovation and improvement which we were able to see throughout the inspection. There was a genuine passion to ensure that the services provided are the best possible.
  • The trust was mindful of the need to provide the safest care possible. This included making the buildings where care was delivered as safe as possible, providing enough appropriately trained staf, ensuring equipment is in good condition and ensuring all staf considered potential risks for people receiving care.
  • Staf had access to a wide range of opportunities for learning and development, especially leadership training, which had helped many staf to make progress with their career whilst also improving the care they delivered to people using the services. Staf from East London had helped manage the changes in Luton and Bedfordshire which had provided them with opportunities to develop their leadership skills.