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Leigh Infirmary

Grading:  - Good

The medical care services at the Leigh Infirmary provide neurological rehabilitation care for those with an acquired brain injury or neurological illness and elective diagnostic procedures such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy. Taylor ward has 20 beds including 3 side rooms. The endoscopy unit was opened in May 2013 with decontamination facilities on the same site. There are two surgical wards, wards two and three, providing day case and short stay services.

At the Hanover Diagnostic Centre, the hospital offers an extensive range of urology services. The urology department is located in the Richmond unit and offers a range of services for patients including rapid access clinics, prostate assessment, vasectomy, haematuria, one stop and out of hours evening clinics.

The main outpatient clinic areas are situated on the ground floor of the infirmary in six ‘areas’. These areas house a range of clinics covering colorectal, breast and orthopaedic surgery, diabetes, lipids,

renal, urology, neurology, anti-coagulation, cardiology, chest, obstetrics and gynecology.

The Hanover Diagnostic and Treatment Centre provide clinics for women’s health, urology and endoscopy patients.

Diagnostic imaging and haematology services are also provided at Leigh Infirmary including ultrasound, plain film x-ray, barium enemas, and barium swallows with video-fluoroscopy and video-urodynamics.