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Northampton General Hospital

Grading:  - Requires Improvement

For 2016/17 the trust’s financial position was a deficit of £10.5 million as of December 2016. This was better than predicted.

We determined the extent of the inspection following a review of information gathered and the findings from our previous inspection. This included an analysis of the trust’s performance and information from stakeholders. The trust was previously inspected in January 2014, when the overall rating for the trust was requires improvement. We rated the end of life services as inadequate. The hospital was rated requires improvement overall and was required to complete a number of actions to ensure compliance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008. The service had a focused inspection in September 2014 to look specifically at the non-compliance identified on the previous inspection. There was no change to the ratings. However, we found the trust had taken significant actions to meet the concerns raised from the January 2014 inspection.

We spoke with a range of staff, including black and minority ethnic staff, nurses, junior doctors, consultants, midwives, healthcare assistants, student nurses, administrative and clerical staff, allied health professions, porters and the estates team. We also spoke with staff individually as requested.