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FMN event 2: Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Venue: L’boro University

The Cabinet Office, following recommendations of its Chief Construction Advisor, has embarked on a 5-year programme to adopt BIM across building and infrastructure projects. BIM technologies and processes should encourage collaboration to unlock more efficient ways of working at all stages of the project life-cycle. The use of a central BIM system ensures everyone can access the same up-to-date information wherever they are. The role of FMs in BIM is vital, not just in the initial design of the model and the construction stage, but in keeping the systems up to date once the project is completed. This workshop will consider the implications for estates and space and look at a range of issues arising: the best technology and processes needed to implement BIM; statutory requirements for BIM; the different BIM systems and benefits to be derived from them. It will also look at the limitations of purely virtual models revealed by research in other areas of visualisation. Even the best systems will not work if people cannot relate to them and see how everything fits together – models have to "come alive" and be meaningful to those that the model is meant to serve.