Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust

8th July 2020
Grading Explained: Good

The inspection visit took place from January 14th - February 13th 2020.

The Trust is a specialist children’s hospital that provides acute and mental health services to children across Liverpool.

Five acute core services and two mental health core services were inspected.

The inspection found that children had good outcomes across the trust because they received effective care and treatment that met their needs through the way services were organised and delivered. There was evidence that people were respected and valued as individuals and empowered as partners in their care and the inspectors noted improvement in the leadership and culture.

The Trust did not meet some legal requirements relating to the safe domain. The inspectors also identified some risks that had not been identified by the Trust’s internal governance structure, which it escalated to the Trust at the time of the inspection and appropriate action was taken.

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