BMI The Cavell Hospital

7th November 2016
Grading Explained: Requires Improvement

BMI The Cavell Hospital is a 27 bed private hospital in Enfield and was acquired from Nuffield Health in 2008. The hospital comprises two main buildings; the original hospital (Cavell building) dates from 1976 and accommodates the consulting rooms, physiotherapy department and endoscopy suite whilst the main building (Trent building) dates from 1994 and houses the imaging suite, ward and theatres.

The hospital provides a range of services including surgical procedures, out-patient consultations and diagnostic imaging. Services are provided to both insured, self-pay private patients and to NHS patients through both GP referral and contract systems.

The hospital has two operating theatres, one with laminar flow, a Walk in Walk out unit, in addition to a dedicated endoscopy unit. CT & MRI facilities are also available in a joint venture with Alliance Medical.

Outpatient services are provided from 13 consulting rooms, in addition to a nurse treatment room, an imaging suite and a physiotherapy department which also provides post-operative treatments & rehabilitation.

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