Homerton University Hospital

2nd July 2020
Grading Explained: Outstanding

The inspection visit took place from January 28th - 29th 2020. Due to suspension of activities during the pandemic, the well-led inspection was not completed.

This was a focused inspection covering three core services - medical care, maternity services and end of life care. Medical care was focused on older people’s care. Maternity services was a follow up inspection to assess whether the Trust had made improvements in the governance processes since the last inspection in August 2018.

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HEFMAUK 1352639073320656898 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 22:Jan:2021 15:27:40 Royal College of Physicians survey reveals the extent of Covid pressures on the mental health of doctors as 1 in 4 seek support, with 56% also concerned about their organisation's capacity to deliver safe and effective care https://t.co/A0411VBu75 https://t.co/HmHr0HnErY
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HEFMAUK 1352591486022508545 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 22:Jan:2021 12:18:34 CQC has published more details of its proposed future strategy for regulation and inspection and invites feedback until March 4 https://t.co/ngLUPGvtgU https://t.co/b04vKCCW7a
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HEFMAUK 1352211560299692032 HEFMA https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/825018976237395968/7QYr30M3_normal.jpg 21:Jan:2021 11:08:53 Interesting webinar from NHS Sustainability Partnerships @dayforaction #NHSStustainability covering issues around Net Zero targets faced by E&F across the NHS - series of features in our Pulse Magazine this year will go into more detail - read the first https://t.co/OdgoivyDZg