Medway Maritime Hospital

7th May 2020
Grading Explained: Requires Improvement

At the last inspection in April and May 2018, we rated the Trust as ‘Requires improvement’. We considered all the information we held about the trust when deciding which core services to inspect and based out inspection plan on the areas considered to be the highest risk. 


We conducted an announced inspection of five core services from 3 to 5 December, which were Emergency and Urgent care, Surgery, Critical Care, End of Life Care and Children’s and Young People’s Services. We carried out unannounced inspections of Medical Care on 16 December and 29 January 2020, in response to concerns identified and raised. 


During our inspection, we spoke with 185 staff, 37 patients and 15 relatives. 


When aggregating the overall rating, the ratings from the previous inspection were used for core services that were rated following that inspection but were not re-inspected. We can only re-rate following inspection and the improvements that have taken place in the core services we inspected are reported. 


We are aware of improvements in other core services through engagement visits and data supplied by the Trust.