Stroud Maternity Hospital

25th June 2015
Grading Explained: Good

Stroud Maternity Hospital is one of the hospitals run by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It provides maternity services to the local community of Stroud and the surrounding areas. Maternity services are also provided at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital. The service is run by the same management team (within the women’s and children’s division) across the whole of Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. and, as such, is largely regarded within the trust as one service. For this reason, some duplication within the three reports is inevitable.


Stroud Maternity Hospital is a stand-alone midwife-led unit with 10 beds and is located 11.5 miles from the main obstetric unit at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.


We inspected Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as part of our in-depth hospital inspection programme. The trust was selected as it was an example of a low-risk trust according to our new intelligent monitoring model. The inspection took place on 10–13 and 20 March 2015, and we visited this hospital on 12 March 2015.


Overall, this hospital was rated as good.


The trust’s services are managed through a divisional structure that covers all the hospitals within the trust, with some staff rotating between the three sites; therefore, there are significant similarities between the content of the three location reports.