The Huntercombe Hospital East Yorkshire

29th April 2015
Grading Explained:

Overall we found that The Huntercombe Hospital East Yorkshire was safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led.

Patients and staff told us they felt safe in the hospital, there were good care plans, risk assessments and outcome tools being used and patients were fully involved in their care. We found that discharge planning started at the point of admission.

Overall patients spoken with gave positive feedback regarding staff saying they could approach them with any issues they had, and that staff treated them with respect.

All staff groups felt supported by managers and they had access to supervision sessions both group and individual and other peer to peer support.

Staffs understanding of the organisations vision and values were mixed, however clinical governance systems were in place which assisted the provider to monitor and improve the quality of care.

But we also found:

• Staffs’ compliance with mandatory training was poor in some areas, but plans were in place to address this.

• It was not clear how best interests were assessed and recorded and who was involved in determining the patients’ best interests if they lacked capacity to make decisions in these areas.

• Patients stated that they often felt bored and did not enjoy the activities and there wasn’t as much choice as they would have liked.

• We were told that de-briefing occurs after all incidents including episodes of seclusion. However some staff felt that this process was not as robust as it once had been and support could be better for staff following incidents

• As at November 2014, the overall staff sickness among permanent staff was reported as 7.4%, of which three quarters were nursing and care staff.

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