The Priory Hospital North London

16th April 2015
Grading Explained:

 The Priory Hospital North London is registered to provide the following regulated services / activities:

•Accommodation for persons who require treatment for substance misuse

•Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

•Assessment or medical treatment for persons detainedunder the 1983 Act

•Diagnostic and screening proceduresIt provides a range of specialisms including caring for children, caring for people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act, people with mental health conditions, and people with substance misuse problems.The service has three wards:Birch WardCore service provided: Child and adolescent mental health wardsMale/female/mixed: Mixed Capacity: 13 bedsOak WardCore service provided: Child and adolescent mental health wardsMale/female/mixed: Mixed

Capacity: 9 beds

Lower Court

Core service provided: Acute wards for adults and Substance misuse services

Male/female/mixed: Mixed Capacity: 28

The inspection found that the service provided by The Priory North London had many good aspects. The service followed national guidance, developing clear therapy programmes, which were delivered in the most part by skilled staff. Most aspects of people’s care was planned for in a holistic manner. When incidents occurred these were reported by staff and learning points were identified and acted upon by management. The service had had a high level of nurse staffing vacancies, but had ensured that staffing levels were maintained at safe levels by using bank and agency staff.

However, we found some areas the service needed to improve: People’s mental capacity to consent to each aspect of care and treatment was not always being assessed robustly; the Lower Court ward was not managed in a manner which ensured it followed single gender guidance; and there were some maintenance concerns in the child and adolescent wards. 


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