The 2022 HEFMA Leadership Forum

Watch this space for a short review of the Leadership Forum. A full report will be published in the July/August issue of the Pulse magazine. In the meantime, read the closing remarks of HEFMA's new National Chair, Kay Mulcahy, here. HEFMA members can also log in and go to My Region on this website where the speaker presentations from the event are available to download.

The HEFMA Leadership Forum will return to Stadium MK in Milton Keynes on May 24 - 26, 2023. 

May 25, 2022 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1529400754662002688 HEFMA 25:May:2022 09:55:29 Latest news from the national NHS E&F team - ERIC deadlines; NHS Chef 2022 - enter your teams by May 31; new Cleaning Manual; Apprenticeship Challenge; COVID-19 Response to Recovery; and National Webinar dates
May 23, 2022 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1528692502491979776 HEFMA 23:May:2022 11:01:08 Common seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, have very similar symptoms to the latest Omicron variants - caution is being urged to ensure they are not mistaken
May 23, 2022 TWITTER
HEFMAUK 1528690105711468544 HEFMA 23:May:2022 10:51:37 All presentation slides from the 2022 HEFMA Forum #HEFMAForum22 are now available for all members to view in the My Region section of the website - - you must be logged in - look out for a full report in the July/August issue of Pulse