Civica supports WRAP to cut food waste


Civica is proud to partner with environmental charity WRAP for the UK’s first national action week to tackle household food waste. The campaign aims to boost the message, Wasting Food Feeds Climate Change

Running from March 1-7, Food Waste Action Week is being delivered through WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste brand to mitigate the devastating impact food waste has on the planet. The charity is partnering with celebrity cook and former The Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, to tackle food waste and help save the planet.

UK households produce around 70% of the UK’s 9.5 million tonnes of food waste every year. Every day, an incredible 4.4 million potatoes and 20 million slices of bread are thrown out. When combined with food waste from commercial organisations, the figures are even more startling.  To tackle this, the campaign asks people to take part in the week’s challenge to make sure no edible food ends up in the bin.

Simon MacDowall, Divisional MD, Civica, comments: “We’re committed to supporting an improved and sustainable environment, including helping organisations to reduce waste. We’re proud to pledge our support to Food Waste Action Week. Our work with WRAP will increase awareness of the part we can all play – not only to the organisations we support, but through encouraging all our employees to take part at home too.” 

Civica’s Saffron and Cashless software reduces food wastage throughout the supply chain and onto the plate. It helps organisations monitor, measure and reduce food waste. For example, its hospital bedside recording technology for patient meal ordering makes sure kitchens only prepare the food needed. By accurately recording previous food choices, organisations can help predict seasonal fluctuations and accurate, dynamic stock management reduces the risk of wasting perishable foods. 

This kind of technology, combined with changes by the public at home, can help fight climate change. Currently 30% of global greenhouse gases come from producing our food, more than all commercial flights combined. WRAP CEO Marcus Glover adds: “Wasting food has a huge contribution to global emissions but is often overlooked or ignored. We are so used to wasting food that we’ve forgotten its value, and the cost that feeding our growing global population has on the natural world. Food Waste Action Week is about empowering everyone to act.” 

Food Waste Action Week has the support of all UK Governments and partner organisations across the UK. The campaign has 40 strategic partners from retailers, food manufacturers, hospitality and food service businesses to local authorities and electrical manufacturers.

To take part in the challenge, people are encouraged to share their top tips on Instagram using #FoodWasteActionChallenge and @lfhw_uk. 

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