Cut food waste in half with new food waste monitoring solution


A new, tablet-based solution with the capability to help caterers cut food waste in half has been launched by Go Green Tomato.

LeanPath Zap is an affordable and effective way to monitor and prevent food waste using smart technology and cloud-based reporting services. It provides real-time insight into which foods are headed for the rubbish or compost bin and why. This helps to pinpoint changes to purchasing and production to establish menus that will prevent food from being wasted in the future. The process of measuring also engages employees directly in the waste-prevention effort, arming them with immediate feedback and a tally of their waste prevention successes.

LeanPath created the foodservice industry’s first automated food waste tracking system in 2004 and is a global leader in smart food waste metering solutions. Co-founder and CEO, Andrew Shakman, explains: “Building on more than 11 years’ experience helping large caterers prevent food waste, we’re excited to bring LeanPath Zap to the UK to help restaurants, hospitality, and catering organisations of all sizes.

“This affordable, flexible, and powerful solution is designed for restaurant and catering operations that haven’t been able to invest in hardware-intensive systems or that need more reach than one central meter can provide. It’s also perfect for contract caterers with multiple geographic locations because they can pair LeanPath Zap at their smaller and medium sites while still getting the value of LeanPath 360 equipment at larger facilities. They match the right level of metering for each operation and all data from every source rolls-up into one unified dashboard. We are very excited to partner with Go Green Tomato to help reduce the estimated 15 million tonnes of food that is thrown away every year in the UK.”

LeanPath Zap runs on standard Android tablets and clients typically mount the devices in central locations. Staff members use the tablet to record all food that’s going to be discarded, answering a short set of questions about what it is and why it’s going in the waste bin. Operations can either weigh waste using an existing digital scale they own or record by quantity. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the LeanPath Online analytics dashboard, where chefs and managers view interactive, real-time reports, set up custom e-mail alerts, and receive regular e-mail summary reports which highlight the economic value of food waste and use algorithms to spotlight key wasted foods and loss scenarios.

“LeanPath Zap is the most flexible and affordable option for food waste tracking in the UK market,” says Brian Quinn, co-founder of Go Green Tomato. “We’re thrilled to offer our customers a way to effectively manage and reduce food waste without requiring large hardware systems where they aren’t necessary. The simplicity of the tablet, coupled with the powerful real-time, roll-up reporting capability offered only by LeanPath, provides the best solution for caterers looking to cut food waste in half.”

LeanPath Zap starts at just £69/month for a basic, standard, version and £149/month for a customised version where customers can specify unique food types, food costs, and more.


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