National Estates & Facilities Management Weekly Update


HEFMA, together with our colleagues at IHEEM, is now working closely with NHS England & NHS Improvement to ensure that during these current challenging times all our personal and affiliate members are provided with weekly national updates on the key areas affecting EFM healthcare services.

Below are this week’s key messages from the national NHS Estates Team for your information. Please email any questions or comments you have on any of the items below to [email protected] or follow the links where provided.



There continues to be enormous pressure across the system and this is impacting inevitably across all of the estates profession. First and foremost, it is vital that we all continue to look out for each other, ensuring that we are as supportive as possible as well as signposting to additional areas of support. We all need to remain safe and healthy.

It is also important for estates teams to note the recent reminders which have been issued, and to ensure that appropriate actions are in place which will help to alleviate pressures wherever possible on:

• Oxygen services - noting the key actions which Simon Corben has requested estates teams to enact

• Clinical waste - ensuring that waste is appropriately segregated 

• Scrubs - ensure that these are not being hoarded, which is causing problems in the laundry supply system.

Key messages on these areas can be found in the Collaboration Hub.


Impact of COVID-19 on colleagues from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Background

It is recognised that the impact of COVID-19 on colleagues from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background has been disproportionate. We are also aware that these groups may have specific concerns for us to address. A series of roundtable discussions are being scheduled, chaired by Prerana Issar, NHS England and NHS Improvement Chief People Officer. It is vital that the EFM is appropriately represented at these sessions and we are really grateful for your support and the resultant expressions of interest which have emerged from colleagues wanting to be part of these discussions. Thank you.


2019/20 ERIC

The 2019/20 ERIC data was published on the NHS Digital website on January 7.

We are now in the process of working with the NHS England and NHS Improvement Model Hospital Team so that this latest data can also be reflected in that forum.

Key headlines from the latest data are:

• E&F running costs of £9.74bn 

• This represents an increase of £241m compared to the £9.5bn reported in the 2018-19 ERIC. 

The increase can be attributed to pay inflation for EFM staff, rates payable to local authorities and an increase in the numbers of sites which are now reported on. The number of reported sites increased from 5,718 in 2018-19 to 6,717 in 2019-20 (+17% - 999 sites).  

We will be arranging a national webinar for estates teams in the near future to share further details from the 2019/20 ERIC. In the meantime, the data can be accessed at:


Secretary of State’s Hospital Food Review

The Independent Hospital Food Review was published on October 26, 2020. There are a number of key actions which are now being taken forward to support implementation of the recommendations. 

These include the creation of an expert panel whose key role will be to progress and monitor the recommendations of the review. We are now looking to recruit to this group which will include strong representation from the Estates profession. Further details will follow in the very near future.

Letters have also been issued to eight NHS Trusts which will form the Exemplary Trust Programme and Hospital Food Network. This group will also support the drive to implement the recommendations following the Secretary of State’s Review of Hospital Food. The Trusts which are involved include: Ashford and St Peters; East Lancashire; Nottingham University Hospitals; Royal Berkshire; Royal Wolverhampton; Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt; Sheffield Teaching Hospitals; and Western Sussex.


NHS England and NHS Improvement - Estates Team Questionnaire

The team launched this questionnaire on December 18 for completion by local estates teams via the Collaboration Hub. However, it can also be accessed via the following link:

It would be really helpful if as many estates teams as possible take a few minutes to complete and return the survey. The questionnaire will be open until January 15, 2021.

We will review the responses after the survey closes and will provide feedback and proposed actions. 


NHS England and NHS Improvement National Estates Team: Collaboration Hub

The Collaboration Hub is a protected space for local NHS estates teams to access key information as well as to collaborate and to share ideas and successes. Access to the Collaboration Hub for individuals from local NHS estates teams can be arranged by e-mailing [email protected] 

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